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e-invoicing Support

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e-invoicing Support

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E-invoicing support team

If you experience difficulty logging on:

0207 974 6066 (option 1)

Email: [email protected]

If you experience difficulty submitting your invoices:

0207 974 6066 (option 2)

Email: [email protected]

Additional information

Sheffield address

The Sheffield address used by some suppliers to post invoices will close.

PO Flip and Webscreen Service

The PO Flip and Webscreen service provided by Finastra will close.

Transition period

To manage risk during the transition, we will move suppliers to the new service in tranches (e.g. Tranche 1 – 41 suppliers, 32% of AP transactions in scope).

There will be six tranches, starting December 2020 with the final tranche February 2021.

For the first few tranches we will notify affected requisitioners in advance by email.