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Licensing your Venue

Licencing Your Venue

Licensing venues for marriages and civil partnerships

Do I need a licence to hold marriage and civil partnership ceremonies on the premises?

You will need a licence to allow any marriage or civil partnership ceremonies to take place in your premises.  This is in addition to any other type of licence such as serving alcohol on the premises.

An application for a licence must be made to the superintendent registrar who will visit the premises in order to approve the licence and to ensure that it meets the legal requirements.

Please read the guidance (PDF) for further information.  Once you complete your application this must to be sent to the Superintendent Registrar at:

[email protected]

Or post directly to:

Entrance South D, Mezzanine Floor
Tavistock House, Tavistock Square
London WC1H 9JP 

Licence application pack (PDF)

Once an application is made for licensing premises for marriage and civil partnership ceremonies a public notice must be displayed for a period of 21 days.

Any objection to a licence must be made in writing to the superintendent registrar:

[email protected]

Or post directly to the above address.

The following premises have applied for a licence to hold marriage and civil partnership ceremonies:

Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution Public Notice (DOC)

Priory Hall Public Notice (DOC)

Kimpton Fitzroy Public Notice (DOC)